Book Typesetting

Are You Looking for Author Book Typesetting Services in Ballarat, Melbourne Australia ??

Do you want an Expert Book Typesetting Designer for your Book, Novel or Short Story Collection !!

We are a professional Book Typesetting Agency in Melbourne to serve you with design and typeset all kinds of :

  • Books
  • Novels
  • Research Journals
  • Education Books
  • Yoga/Meditation Books
  • Travel Books
  • Coffee Table Books
  • E-Books
  • Children’s Books
  • Academic Books

and all other page-oriented things that require décor.

We also do Book Cover Designing and you will get complete Book Typesetting with us.

Process : We Design all our Books in Adobe InDesign and deliver the final formats as PDFs and InDesign Packages. You can get the Book Typesetting done from us and get it printed from your preferred printer/publisher.

Benefits of Hiring us :
  1. Experience in Pre-Press/Offset/Print : You will get a Print Ready Files which you can give to your publisher.


  2. Time Saving : We will design your book very quickly because designing is our core strength, unlike the publishing house.


  3. Cost Saving : You will get Book Typesetting at very affordable prices.


  4. Trusted & Confidential : We believe in working with honesty and do not disclose any information about our clients.


  5. Expert Designer : Our Book Designers are super experts in designing all types of books.

As the most preferred book typesetting agency we utilise all the professional and legal tools like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

We are expert in making books print-ready while scaling them with perfect page margin, numbering, table of contents, and all alterations that are needed to make your book perfect.

Are you planning to publish a new book and searching for the best book Interior typesetting designer in Australia? Look no more and email / contact us now.